Our company works with 30 CNC turning  machines such as Citizen L12-1M7 és Citizen L12-1M7 LFV, 2 db Citizen K16E VIIP, Citizen L20X, 2 db Citizen L20E-2M8, Citizen L20E-2M10, Citizen L32-1MS, Citizen L32 LFV, Citizen R04-5F6, CMZ TBI-480A, Cortini T120/40, Gildmeister CTX 210, Güdel G50, Güdel G52, Miyano BNA-42 DHY2, Miyano BNA-42 DHY3, Miyano ABX 64SYY2, Miyano ABX 64THY2, Proteo350-0050, Proteo TL25, Quick Tech XTS-42, Quick Tech i-42, Spinner TC32, Takang PC-32 DS, Takisawa EX-308, Takisawa EX-310, Takisawa Nex-108Y, Takisawa Nex 105

5 CNC machining centers such as : Akira Seiki A650, Akira Seiki SR3,  Akira Seiki SH500; Grobe BZ510 ; Chevalier QP2040.

We have modern measuring machines for example   Keyence IM-6120, Keyence IM-7030T optical measurement, DeeMeet 404 3D measurement, Mahr CD120 contour measurement and  Mahr PS10  roughness tester.



Citizen L20E- 2M10


Citizen R04-5F6



Miyano ABX64 THY2



Miyano ABX64 THY2 három revolver fej



Akira Seiki SH500- APC



Citizen K16



Lathe machine



Grobe BZ510



Tool grinding and thread rolling machine



Takisawa EX310



Measuring machines

Etalon Derby 454 3D, Keyence IM-7030T, De Meet 404